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Welcome to a new and unique Learning Trajectory

The GeM Learning Trajectory brings you all the benefits of getting introduced to the use of Government e-Marketplace (GeM) which is the National Public Procurement Portal.

Our short overview video provides a glimpse of this learning system. Check how it can help you deliver todays modern learning experiences.

Key Features


Inspire learners to achieve goals using predefined learning paths. Unlimited options to create and assign role based learning paths and sequences for training content to learners.

When the path is finished, learners can receive a certificate of completion.

Enriching the learning experiences we deliver and encourage engagement and participation in the learning programmes by enabling learners to learn in the language of their choice.

Currently the course content is supported in English.

Group learners and assign the group for a Learning Pathway.

Customized groupings and even ad-hoc "Classrooms" for your learners to ensure only those who should see a particular course can do so.


Events & Conferences

News & Events


New Services Launched on GeM

Following are the Services which are now available on GeM 
1) HealthCare Resource Outso...
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GeM enhances functionality for payments through SBIMOPS

Government eMarketplace (GeM) has enhanced the functionality for payment process through SBIMOPS ...
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GeM implements mobile number based authentication mechanism for eSign

Complying to the recent judgement of honorable Supreme Court of India restricting the use of Aadh...
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